Kurt and Blaine perform I’ll Make a Man Out of You

(For Kay colfer)


do you ever just start thinking about your best friend and how great they are and how, even if they can’t see it, you somehow know without a doubt that they’re one of the most incredible people you’ve ever met and it’s just like, they’re funny and cute and kind and beautiful and just so freaking important that you can’t even believe that you’re lucky enough to be friends with them??? i mean wo w


your faith was strong but you needed proof
Kurt/Blaine, G

This is not the happiest thing I’ve ever written. Reaction fic to 5x16. 

They’ve had sex, but after there’s just - more silence. More of that awful, distracting, invading silence that surrounds them so much after they’ve gone through the motions of what they’re supposed to do.

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Some Klaine-related thoughts about 5x16, “Tested”


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I like these thinky thoughts. I still think the writers don’t show Kurt as vulnerable to Blaine as often as reversed and I wish they would. I miss that.


3.17 // 5.16

#god you can just tell how important physical intimacy is to kurt #and when blaine pulls away from him like that it really hurts #not just because he wants sex #but because he wants the closeness and intimacy that being with blaine in that way gives him #kurt isn’t a very affectionate or touchy-feely person #especially compared to blaine #and he definitely doesn’t always wear his heart on his sleeve #but i think it’s obvious that being physically initmate with somebody is very important to him #it’s how he expresses his love #and blaine pulling away from him like this and turning to things like porn instead #it really hurts #and it probably makes him feel inadequate #and think he’s not good enough (x)

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This is an episode I will never, EVER get bored of watching, fucking fantastic <3


This is an episode I will never, EVER get bored of watching, fucking fantastic <3


8. TV meme - Favourite characters

Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1)